Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us and we do our best to keep your data safe.

Personal data

We gather some personal data about you. All users (including not logged in visitors) leave some piece of information like IP in our logs.

Logged in users leave e-mail and other service related information. After the payment is done, we require more information to be given, especially invoice address, country of residency (for taxation purposes) and payment information (exluding payment card information which is only known to Braintree - our payment provider)


We do not share data we receive with other parties (except cases listed in this document). We use your data for informational and marketing purposes only.


We implement technical and organisational measures to keep your data secure. In case of data leaks we are required by law to inform all affected parties and Polish data protection office.

Data retention

We keep your data as long as you want us to provide the service. When you ask us to remove your account we would remove all the information about you except data which we are obligated to keep by law (e.x. invoices, payment history).

Your rights

You have right to demand access, modification or removal of your data. In order to do that, simply contact us via e-mail.


We use cookies and similar technologies for statistical and development purposes. We use data gathered in this manner only to improve our service. We do not use tracking technologies to identify our users.

We use some third party vendors for tracking purposes, such as Google Analytics (with anonymized IP), Mouseflow (with anonymized data, currently not in use) and Zendesk (currently not in use).

To opt out from tracking, you can use DO-NOT-TRACK option in your browser, or you can block certain scripts using any enhanced privacy browser plugins.

Payment data

By opening the payment page the additional iframe with PayPal/Braintree website is opened in the same time. Any information you pass into the payment page can be passed directly to PayPal/Braintree.

We do not store any payment card information in our system any time.